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General Questions

How can I arrange for a consultation with your firm?
What is a retainer?
How will my fees be determined?
What is a retainer agreement?
What methods of payment does your firm accept?
What is the duty of Confidentiality owed by my lawyer?
What are the duties of a lawyer as an advocate?
What happens at a Consultation?

Permanent Residency Questions

Is Canada Welcoming to foreigners?
Why should I consider immigrating to Canada?
Who is a Permanent Resident?
What rights do Permanent Residents have in Canada?
What is the difference between a Permanent Resident and a Canadian Citizen?
What are the different programs that allow me to immigrate to Canada permanently?
Who are Federal Skilled Workers?
Am I eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Workers program?
Under the Federal Skilled Workers Program, how much money do I need to support my family?
What is the Federal Skilled Trade Program?
What are the eligibility requirements for the Skilled Trade Program?
Who are Quebec-selected skilled workers?
Who can apply under the Canadian Experience Class?
Who qualifies for the Self-employed Program?
What is the family sponsorship program?
What is the provincial nomination program?
Are all provinces in Canada involved in the Provincial Nominee Program?
What is a Police Certificate?
How do I get a Police Certificate?
Do I need a Police Certificate?
What if I have been convicted of a crime in my country?
What are my options for coming to Canada if I have been convicted of a crime?
Do I need a medical exam to get a visa?
How long are medical examinations valid for?
Will my application be rejected if I have a certain disease or disorder?

Temporary Residency Questions

Where do I submit my application for a Canada Immigration Visa?
How long will it take to process my application?
Who are Temporary Residents?
How can I become a Temporary Resident?
What is an Electronic Travel Authorisation?
Do I need a Study Permit (Student Visa)?
Am I eligible to study in Canada?
How can I prove that I have sufficient funds to pay for tuition fees and living expences?
How long is my study permit valid for?
Can I work while studying in Canada?
How long is my post-graduation work permit valid for?

Refugee Questions

Who are refugees?
Where can I make a claim as a refugee?