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Canada immigration law

Immigration Appeals

Need an Immigration appeal lawyer?

Our trusted professionals have achieved results in their numerous immigration and refugee appeals.

Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency

Applying for Your Permanent Residency Application?

Our skilled immigration lawyers will assess your best options, and provide affordable block rates to complete your application.

immigration tribunal

Fighting Removals

Need help to Fight Your Removal?

We will argue your stay of removal, admissibility hearings, or pre-removal risk assessment with the utmost skill and dedication.

Refugee Claims

Refugee Claims

Making a Refugee Claim in Canada?

We will put our expertise and experience to work for you and get you effectively prepared for your refugee hearing.

Business Immigration

Do You Need Business Immigration Services?

We have successfully assisted numerous individuals and businesses with inter-company transfers, work permits, and provincial nomination applications.

icon_maple_leafCanadian Immigration and Refugee Law

Gerami Law Professional Corporation provides Canadian immigration and refugee law services to a broad range of clients

*Serving clients in English, French, and فارسی." (Farsi)


Gerami Law Professional Corporation provides Canadian immigration and refugee law services to a broad range of clients. Our immigration lawyers serve families, students, employees and employers, refugee claimants, and individuals interested in working and immigrating to Canada. Our services are tailored to your immigration and refugee needs, and our professionals are dedicated to providing creative, efficient and effective solutions to your immigration or refugee matter. We serve our clients in either French, English, or Farsi.




We offer strategic legal advice and assistance with Inter-company Transfers, NAFTA Transferees and Business Visitor Visas, click the button for a full list of services.



Successful appeals depend on the determination of how the lower level decision-maker erred, combined with a careful presentation of a persuasive argument and advocacy skills.



Our Urgent Immigration Practice Group will fight your removal and help with Admissibility Hearing, Pre-Removal Risk Assessment and more.



We assist clients with areas such as Family Class Sponsorship, Investment, Permanent Resident Card Renewal and more, click the button for a full list of services.



Our group can help you with applying for Study permits, Work permits, Visitor Visas, Caregiver Program and a list of other areas, for more information click below.



Our lawyers will represent you on your citizenship application or appeal. We will explain the recent changes to the law and work with you to avoid additional delays.



We represent clients through their refugee claim process, prepare them for questioning at the hearing and make persuasive oral submissions before the board member.

Why Choose Gerami Law PC

  • Experienced Advocates
  • Proven Track Record
  • Trusted Professionals
  • Affordable Block Rates
  • Multilingual Client Services - English, French, and فارسی." (Farsi) -



Gerami Law PC, Canada Immigration Lawyers

Canadian Immigration, Refugee & Citizenship Lawyers

Gerami Law PC is a well-recognized and respected bilingual law firm specializing in the area of Canadian Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Law in the city of Ottawa. We have a track record for providing high quality legal services and a reputation for achieving results. Arghavan Gerami, the Founder and Managing Director of Gerami Law PC has been a practicing lawyer in Ontario since 2007, and brings a wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to her clients with her skills in advocacy, her commitment to excellence and her contributions to the community.

Our experienced team of immigration and refugee lawyers has successfully represented numerous individuals, families and businesses on immigration, refugee and citizenship matters in Canada and internationally. We advocate fiercely on behalf of our clients and deliver high quality legal services. Our law firm reflects the diversity of the clients we serve with a proven track record of success in dealing with complex Canada immigration, refugee and citizenship matters.

We serve employers and employees seeking temporary or permanent residency in Canada, assess their background, qualifications and eligibility and advise on their best application process. Whether you seek to file a refugee claim, appeal the refusal of your case by an immigration officer, fight your removal from Canada, or citizenship, we will assist you, guide you and represent you with utmost care and professionalism.

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